Horrible New Year – Issue 3 ReHAB released!


Just in time for New Years eve… roughly 2 hours before the clock strikes midnight and we are greeted with a new year, I provide you with Issue 3 of subject Vicious – ReHAB.

Fresh off the printing presses (i.e. Photoshop and Procreate on the iPad Pro), I have placed the issue on the catalog, so that you can purchase it and enjoy the New Year in horrible style, with me.

(Its also been released on Tapastic, if you want a sneak peek)

Issue 4 production has already begun and I will release a the cover art once it is finished.

You will all get to meet “Mother” this year, and you don’t even know what a treat you’re in for yet…

Happy New Year everybody, and don’t forget to make supporting me on Patreon one of your new years resolutions, or on Tapastic, or just buying a damn issue already!

as always, Horribly Yours