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Issue 3 of subject vicious is being completed at breakneck speed!
Above is a sneak peek at the cover, sans word work up…

Issue 2 was completed, and has been released for sale as of Friday, and already in a week, issue 3 stands at 50% completion!

 Sketch, and library renditions are completely done, all that remains is digital color and text input, before this issue too hits digital market. 

 Issue 1’s web release is on its last page or two, and before the second issue even hits the web forums public release, I’ve managed to tackle the next issue like a madman. 

 Issue 4 is already plotted, and all that stands in the way of setting that insane issue to page is a little bit of coloring. Managing to accomplish this while still holding down a 40hr work week is exhausting, (do I need to mention that it’s holiday, adding to the madness?) , but managing to get this far, so fast, is rewarding in and of itself. 

 My patreon goals need to be adapted. While issue 3 already hosts a guest spot, the lack of patron enthusiasm for similar appearances seems to indicate that other rewards might tickle people’s sweet spots. 

 I am considering pre-web release PDF handouts to patrons who support my nefarious comic plots. Sketches, line art, and character renditions might also entice and invite people to participate, I’m not sure. 

But I want to share this journey, and if there is something other than getting far more releases or a more speedy web-delivery schedule, I’d love to know. Once I get some patronage, I’ll do patron only previews, plot reveals, and work in progress videos, but as the pot is dry, there is no audience to deliver these too… 

 Patreon rework of goals, this Friday. 

 Stay tuned!
Horribly yours,