Not Dead – Just temporarily homeless

The Drama is real.

Cops and Insane people resulted in me being (wrongfully) made homeless for most of February.

Situation rectified, and comic uploads (and art progress) to resume as of today. Web galleries updated with cover for issue 3 and twice-a-week posting schedule to resume.

In other news, I’m a year older since my last message, let’s get this show on the road.

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As ever, the horrible

Re-Thinking Digital Prices

Ok, so I was originally charging something close to what Marvel/DC print comics cost. But I’m selling these directly, AND I’m only (at this time) selling them digitally.

So I’ve cut back my costs. Single issue standard quality comics will now run at .99 cents. HiDef + Standard Def packs will cost a dollar more, $1.99.  And the combo packs which include the CBZ and PDF versions will run you a dollar cheaper than buying both independently, $3.99.

Once Issue 4 and 5 are finished, which will comprise the first volume, V’s “Escape” and include part 1 and 2 of “Mother”, I will compile the volume and sell that digitally, as well as consider a print run of the collection.

Prices for that once printing costs come to light.

Stay tuned.

Horrible New Year – Issue 3 ReHAB released!


Just in time for New Years eve… roughly 2 hours before the clock strikes midnight and we are greeted with a new year, I provide you with Issue 3 of subject Vicious – ReHAB.

Fresh off the printing presses (i.e. Photoshop and Procreate on the iPad Pro), I have placed the issue on the catalog, so that you can purchase it and enjoy the New Year in horrible style, with me.

(Its also been released on Tapastic, if you want a sneak peek)

Issue 4 production has already begun and I will release a the cover art once it is finished.

You will all get to meet “Mother” this year, and you don’t even know what a treat you’re in for yet…

Happy New Year everybody, and don’t forget to make supporting me on Patreon one of your new years resolutions, or on Tapastic, or just buying a damn issue already!

as always, Horribly Yours



Issue 3 – 98% complete

I finished creating and coloring 100% of the art for the third issue… All that remains is adding text, onomatopoeia, and other textual effects.

I expect to finish that up on Thursday, so we should be seeing issue 3 hit the shelves before the new year!!

All in all, the journey having started in Octorber, I’ve been able to complete an average of an issue a month, (and if we discount the trouble with issue 2, even faster than that!) it’s been pretty fantastic, even if there’s not that much excitement yet for the series.

I started working on the cover for issue 4 already, so expect a sneak peak of that very very soon…

Someone asked me if I ever planned to do any comics beyond this series, I explained “this is the story I have in me to tell now, the future is too ambiguous to predict anything else, yet. But it’s more than likely I’ll have other stories to tell later… Let’s wait and find out together”.

Also, side note, a good friend has started composing “themes” for each of the existing issues. Issue 1’s theme song is already heavily in the works, and once it’s complete, I’ll post them here. Stay tuned!

As always, horribly yours


Take my comics with you… Tapastic

I’ve recently (today) joined a new digital mobile-focused comic distributor, called Tapastic. You can find my profile page  by clicking the icon below.


Chang-Kim-FounderCEO-TapasticIt hails itself as the “YouTube of Comics” and was founded by an ex Googler PM from Korea… See Right


Long story short, there’s an App for it… Duh
(click the OS to get a link to their store app download page, its free.)


They offer 5 comics a day, free, and provide monthly support, single issue buying, or ad supported “free” comics online/in app.

So, if you don’t want to pay me for my hard work, but want to support me somehow… you can see full versions (with sexual content censored, but not the naked dicks…) that you can carry with you, on your smart phone.

Click, join, and subscribe to my comics there. Issue 1 and 2 are already fully uploaded, so you don’t even have to wait for the twice a week uploads I do on the web galleries I frequent, to see all of issue 2 “Run”!


It’s an infinite scroll format, like Tumblr, and not as high rez as my SD/HD comics, but its “free”, its off-line storable, and it helps me out financially, even if all you do is read my comics for free (because ads on my comics, at least, create revenue).

It uses Paypal as a payment source, so it’s secure, it accepts up-front buy-ins for as little as 10 dollars, it’s full of web comics (indie and manga style predominantly), so you can get more comics than just mine, you gluttons!


UGH, so much typing! Back to arting horrible stuff.


subject Vicious Issue 3 ReHAB – completion status

Issue 3 of subject vicious is being completed at breakneck speed!
Above is a sneak peek at the cover, sans word work up…

Issue 2 was completed, and has been released for sale as of Friday, and already in a week, issue 3 stands at 50% completion!

 Sketch, and library renditions are completely done, all that remains is digital color and text input, before this issue too hits digital market. 

 Issue 1’s web release is on its last page or two, and before the second issue even hits the web forums public release, I’ve managed to tackle the next issue like a madman. 

 Issue 4 is already plotted, and all that stands in the way of setting that insane issue to page is a little bit of coloring. Managing to accomplish this while still holding down a 40hr work week is exhausting, (do I need to mention that it’s holiday, adding to the madness?) , but managing to get this far, so fast, is rewarding in and of itself. 

 My patreon goals need to be adapted. While issue 3 already hosts a guest spot, the lack of patron enthusiasm for similar appearances seems to indicate that other rewards might tickle people’s sweet spots. 

 I am considering pre-web release PDF handouts to patrons who support my nefarious comic plots. Sketches, line art, and character renditions might also entice and invite people to participate, I’m not sure. 

But I want to share this journey, and if there is something other than getting far more releases or a more speedy web-delivery schedule, I’d love to know. Once I get some patronage, I’ll do patron only previews, plot reveals, and work in progress videos, but as the pot is dry, there is no audience to deliver these too… 

 Patreon rework of goals, this Friday. 

 Stay tuned!
Horribly yours,


Issue 2: Run, release! And future project news


Issue 2 is finished, and will be available for sale on friday!

The web-run of issue 1 is almost finished, and issue 2 will follow right after it, for all you sick-o’s out there! You won’t miss a minute of the action (except for all the censoring!).

Its very dark, packed with action sequences, penises, asses, evil hazmat suit wearing baddies, horror, suspense, and a plethora of vomit!

So good, guys, so good!

Issue 3 production will start immediately, and will feature some pretty wild stuff, if I don’t say so myself! You’ll just have to see it to believe it!

Issue 4… man, you don’t even want to know, it’s going to be crazy. You’ve never seen sci-fi future-medical horror like this, I promise you! And, to boot, that issue will include some rather telling information about what the hell Next Wave is really up to…


Horribly yours


Hiccup – Surpassed

Technical hiccup overcome, issue 2 release in the next week, all goes well.

Only 3 more pages before the puppy is finito. Issue 1 web run nearing completion, just a few more weeks before that’s run clear.

New Swag speeding up the process, issue 3 groundwork also complete, should be easy to gear production towards that issue as soon as 2 goes to press.


Slight Delay

We’re in mid november now, and Issue 2 isn’t complete.

Life happens, but I’m working hard on this issue, and it’s almost complete, hopefully we can get this shit on the streets by early december.

I’ve upgraded my hardware, and should be able to expedite the remaining pages relatively quickly.

The first 2/3rds of the first issue are available for your viewing pleasure on Furaffinity and SoFurry, so be sure to check it out.


Issue 1 & 2 – subject Vicious

Subject V-D6-1-00-Cover


Issue 1 “6D”, of my current comic series, was made available for purchase a week ago, and its available in the catalog page.

The issue introduces the main character of the series “Subject Vicious”, and offers us a sneak peek into the facility where he is located “Next Wave R&D”.

It seems rather innocuous at first glance, but with further exploration, something is definitely not quite right in Kansas.




Issue 2 is currently in production, and estimated to be released in early november. I offer you a sneak peek at the upcoming issue’s cover, titled “Run”.



-AA Out