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Issue 2 is finished, and will be available for sale on friday!

The web-run of issue 1 is almost finished, and issue 2 will follow right after it, for all you sick-o’s out there! You won’t miss a minute of the action (except for all the censoring!).

Its very dark, packed with action sequences, penises, asses, evil hazmat suit wearing baddies, horror, suspense, and a plethora of vomit!

So good, guys, so good!

Issue 3 production will start immediately, and will feature some pretty wild stuff, if I don’t say so myself! You’ll just have to see it to believe it!

Issue 4… man, you don’t even want to know, it’s going to be crazy. You’ve never seen sci-fi future-medical horror like this, I promise you! And, to boot, that issue will include some rather telling information about what the hell Next Wave is really up to…


Horribly yours