Deeper and deeper he fell, complete darkness suddenly overwhelming the blinding light of the mist where he was trapped moments before...

Third issue of subjectVicious series.

Having (at least for now) escaped the clutches of the questionable people in red hazmat suits, the rodent wakes up, covered in vomit, and experiences all the nightmares one might feel when experiencing “detox”.

Shakes, extreme temperatures, shooting pains and wild hallucinations that twist and pervert the rats heretofore experiences and memories.

Will the hazmat suits be right? Will he live, or will he die? Find out in this very horrible, very graphic, and very bloody issue!

Comic contains explicit mature content, blood, gore, medical cruelty, vomit, and complete nudity, and claims a mature rating of X. (Forget R or NC-17, that shits for pussies!)

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  • (Buy together, and SAVE -your soul- )

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