Issue 3 – 98% complete

I finished creating and coloring 100% of the art for the third issue… All that remains is adding text, onomatopoeia, and other textual effects.

I expect to finish that up on Thursday, so we should be seeing issue 3 hit the shelves before the new year!!

All in all, the journey having started in Octorber, I’ve been able to complete an average of an issue a month, (and if we discount the trouble with issue 2, even faster than that!) it’s been pretty fantastic, even if there’s not that much excitement yet for the series.

I started working on the cover for issue 4 already, so expect a sneak peak of that very very soon…

Someone asked me if I ever planned to do any comics beyond this series, I explained “this is the story I have in me to tell now, the future is too ambiguous to predict anything else, yet. But it’s more than likely I’ll have other stories to tell later… Let’s wait and find out together”.

Also, side note, a good friend has started composing “themes” for each of the existing issues. Issue 1’s theme song is already heavily in the works, and once it’s complete, I’ll post them here. Stay tuned!

As always, horribly yours