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Let’s keep this simple.

I’m a digital artist. Primarily, an illustrator. That means I draw figures, like people.

I draw humans, aliens, furries, whatever. If it’s alive and breathing (or recently diseased), I can doodle the fuck out of it.
And I’m not too bad, at it, mind you. Though my style is gruff and rough, like my personality.

I also make comics. This means write, research, draw, color, lay ’em out, all by myself. Start to finish, full comics. Like the kinds Marvel and DC make, but mostly without supers. And usually, a lot less wholesome.

Few of my characters are redeemable, they aren’t supposed to be. The world makes them twisted, and I prefer to leave’em that way. Nobody is going to get them back to normal, so don’t bother suggesting that.

These are not web comics, though I show them on the web on anthro galleries (SoFurry, and FurAffinity). These are not three page little smut-o-ramas, or one-offs either. They are the same kind of comics you’d find in a comic book shop. Tall, thin, and full of panels, sound effects, etc. And they’re a series, so the story will continue from one issue, to the next.

I’m an asshole, and I write dark, gritty, suspenseful comics that include smut, adult content, violence, rape, and whatever else horrible thing the story calls for. My current series “subject Vicious” (which is available for sale in my store page) includes all of these things, and a nice dash of evil science, genocide, and graphic horror. (There’s gore, but its not mindless violence like you’d find in a slasher movie. It’s story driven, and much much worse because all of it serves some kind of purpose.)

This stuff ain’t for kiddies, folks.

But if you’re in for a wild, dark, violent ride, like me,  well come on down the twisted rabbit hole.

Here’s the point.

Buy my comics.

And if you like my art (style), support me on Patreon, so I can make a living (or at least a partial living) doing even more comics, or making smut, or character art for people like you.

Can’t afford to fork over a dollar a month to make this possible? Even though it’s less than what you pay for your Starbucks Cult Addiction for venti-half-caf-caramel-skim-macchiatos

Do a one off payment at one of my many commission pages online, to get some art drawn of your fur-sona, or your tabletop RPG character, or some other random project you need art for.

Or at the very least, keep buying the comics. And let’s see where that gets us.

Violently yours,