You can call me Ambiguous Anarchist. I am a digital artist.

I believe that art (and many other things) should be original, personal, and convey a truth (universal or personal), and leave an impression, so that even temporarily, you walk away having experienced a change.

The communities that intermingle with my own interests have fallen prey to sameness. They have succumbed into a pit of uber-fetishism, in order to experience anything since all other means fall short now. And where fetishism is absent, capitalistic “more of the same” has filled in the gaps.

But the loss of originality appalls and saddens me, so I am trying to revitalize what is now a hodgepodge of hermaphroditic obesity and copy catting garbage, populating popular forums and galleries.

I believe this about everything, not just art, but also movies, tv, comics, literature, etc. Too many revamps, pre-quels, se-quels, re-imaginings. I want to make something NEW. Join me in creating a new world, not simply revisiting alternate versions of existing ones.

Want to find your “spirit animal”, “fursona”, or explore fetish, sexuality, violence, lust, and story? Come to me. Every piece of art that I do is relevant, meaningful, and unique. Both from myself, and for/from the client.

I will not provide “fill in the blank” … ‘commissions’. I will not provide “more of the same with different color” ‘adoptables’. Your fursona, avatar, or characters should embody WHO you are in a visible medium, that allows the viewing/experiencing audience to know something relevant and meaningful about you, from what they perceive.

Forward-Thinking-RatI am a rat: grungy, violent, predatory, a little bit unclean, and not remotely pleasant. Yes, I’m a bit of an asshole. But that’s part of my charm.

Rats are survivalists, smart, tenacious, and wiley. And in the same way as my character embodies who I am, I embody that species. I have a dark past, fraught with violence, pain, loss, and suffering. But I survived, as does my rodent “Vicious”.

Via him, I hope to survive as an independent artist, who creates new expressions, new characters, new scenarios, unlike many of my peers within the illustrative community.

So my current comic book series reflects this same survival instinct. The pain and horror is present, looming, and vibrantly realized in a traumatic, sci-fi, survival tale of a lab rat seeking freedom, and self realization from his faceless abusers and captors.

It’s raw, edgy, even nightmarish at times, and not suitable for children.

Adult content will be present, in a myriad of forms: sexuality, violence, abuse, medical trauma, fetishism, and many more ways. But I promise, unlike anything you’ve seen before.

The comics will run as full issues, available censored online via digital galleries, but can be purchased in full without censoring.

This site is here to offer news about releases and current objectives, to flog my social media sites, to offer commissions, to sell comics and other art, and to interest you to support me as an independent artist.

You can read more about me, here.

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